vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Catch up post - the outfits of 2015

Whoops! And before I knew it months had passed since my last post. I've been quite busy, and although I have been to quite a few meetings, I just didn't feel like posting anything on this blog. Lately, I feel a little detached from lolita. I still love the fashion and intend to keep on wearing it, but I realized that I couldn't keep on collecting clothes in the way I did. I have bought a house and I need to save up for the interior so yeah... I've been selling quite few items lately and my goal is to end up with 5 to 8 dresses.

I got some work to do before that happens, haha...

Anyway... This blog post will focus on the outfits I've worn so far this year. I've gone to a few meet ups already and plan to keep on doing this regularly. Soooo... Ready for some pictures?

Outfit for Sparkly New Year's Dinner:

This was my outfit for the very first meet I organized myself. I organized it together with Anne, and since she was wearing a dress by a Dutch Indie designer, I decided to do so as well. After this meet up I realized that Gothic Lolita really isn't my thing and decided to sell all the black items in my closet. I still enjoyed dressing up in this gorgeous dress though, but it's just not for me anymore...

Outfit for the gift swap meet:

My IW Pompadour JSK is my favourite dress. I just love the classic look of it and the colors. Since I found the perfect blouse to coord it with, I couldn't wait to dress up in it again. And with this coord, I felt like I did the dress justice for the first time. :)

Outfit for Eva's presentation at school:

I was asked by a girl from my comm to show an outfit at her presentation at school in Februari. Since I didn't have anything else to do I decided to go and dress up in this gorgeous Meta JSK. The dress is up for sale now, but I still love this coord a lot! :)

Outfit for Oshare con:

The pic is blurry but I think you can still see the outfit, haha... For Oshare con I wanted to wear something special and my AATP skirt turned out to be perfect for it. I paired it with a simple H&M blouse and went for casual classic. This is one of my favourite coords so far! :)

Coord for Christeline Fashion tea party:

This outfit was one I just wanted to do this year. The skirt is a little big on me, but I wanted to wear it at least once before selling it. This meet seemed the perfect oppertunity. There was a photographer present who took some memorable photos of me in this coord. I really loved the fact that the pink of the roses on the skirt match the color of my IW bolero! 

zondag 8 maart 2015

Summer Tales Boutique - Shopping Service

I'm writing this post, because quite recently I've discovered that many people don't know about one of the many awesome services that Summer Tales Boutique offers. I've known about this for some time now and even used it (or tried to use it) a few times.

You can use Summer Tales Boutique as a Tao Bao shopping service and save yourself the trouble of custom fees and shipping costs!

How it works (based on my experience):

Check which Tao Bao item you would like to buy. Contact Summer Tales Boutique to see if they can order from your chosen Tao Bao brand. I usually include the info and links of the items that I want, so that Katie can check if the items are available.

Katie will send you a message containing info on which items are available and what their prices will be in euros. This is the price you will pay for the item + the shipment to your address. You don't have to pay for the shipping fees of the item to Summer Tales, or custom fees that may be added.

If you agree with this, Katie will order the items for you. She will keep you updated on the order and ask for your payment. I usually pay when I pick the items up at the store.

I have used this service several times. I tried to order items from Chess Story a few times, but sadly the items I wanted where sold out then. Recently I tried it again, and this time I ordered two blouses: one from Chess Story and one from Dear Celine. I got the items pretty soon after that and I'm really happy with the service Katie offers, since it saves me a lot of trouble! :)

I have also ordered things from the Innocent World webshop through Summer Tales in the same way! It saved me a lot of money, and I didn't have any custom fees!

Items I've ordered from tao bao through Summer Tales Boutique:

Chess Story Le Printemps Chiffron Blouse

Dear Celine Vintage Round Collar Blouse

Ordering from tao bao usually takes longer than ordering from Innocent World.
The IW items I ordered where at the shop in less than two weeks or so.

I ordered Innocent World's Hydrangeas and Butterflies JSK and Tights:

donderdag 1 januari 2015

An overview - 2014 style!

As 2014 is over, so it's time to look back on the past twelve months. 2014 was a year of great meetings, even though I had to miss a few, a closet expansion, and year full of coords with wigs!
Where I was still searching for my lolita style last year, I think I can say I have found it now. I'm a classic/sweet lolita! :)

Wardrobe changes
This year I got rid of the rest of my Bodyline items, except for my first dress, socks, and wig. I have bought quite a few brand main pieces, including a gorgeous Meta JSK,  a skirt and JSK from AATP, and items from Innocent World. I also invested in items from indie brands like Moss Märchen, Little Lolita Boutique, Summer Tales, and Ophelia without Eye. As I have found the lolita style that fits me most, I decided to sell the Milky-chan set that I bought last year.

In the future I will be looking for more dresses that fit the classic/sweet style that I enjoy wearing, although I might also look at more classic dresses!

Meet ups and events
This year I had to miss a few meets due to personal circumstances, but luckily I was able to attend a few really cool meets and events. The first event I attended was the Frills and Fairytales meet in Breda. The high tea was delicious and it was a lot of fun to dress up as a fairy tale character! The next meet was a shop day at Summer Tales boutique, which was very fun as well. The biggest lolita event I attended this year was Behind the Mask. This was also the event that took the most preparation, as I spent months putting my outfit together! I also attended the Summer Meet and a swop meet, and another shop day at Summer Tales Boutique.

I've also gone to visit F.A.C.T.S with my friend Katie, and we had a lot of fun there! I've also been out and about to a market and a museum in lolita, so the occasions to dress up were very diverse! :)

Top ten outfits
Just like last year, I want to give you an overview of my favorite outfits of the past year. But there is quite a difference from last year's top ten. This year, most of my outfits included wigs, as I finally dared to go out in them! They are also less of a mumble jumble of styles, and I think they are more consistent! :)

Outfit for Behind the Mask

Outfit for F.A.C.T.S.

Outfit for the Shop Day at Summer Tales Boutique

Outfit for the Loli Swop Shop meet

Outfit for the Christmas Cute Shopday at Summer Tales Boutique

Outfit for Japan Market

Outfit for the Summer Meet

Outfit for the Frills and Fairy Tales Meet

Outfit for visiting Katie

Outfit for a Museum Visit

So... What's next?
I had plans to move out by the end of 2015, but my boyfriend and I are trying to buy into a new build project, so I will be living with my mother until the end of this year or so... This means that I have more time to save up money, but it also means some compromises, as I might have to start paying my mortgage already. So my wishlist will not be very long this year!
  • A long petticoat to go with my Innocent World JSK. I still have to buy it. This item has been on my wishlist for two years already, haha. I'm lucky that Summer Tales Boutique has become an official Innocent World dealer, so Katie should be able to get it for me this year! ^^
  • A OP from Summer Tales Boutique. A little while ago I discovered the most beautiful fabric in Katie's stash and I really want a pretty dress out of that! 
I hope to sell the items I have up for sale, so that I can use that money to invest in the items listed above. And otherwise, I'll have to save up for them! ^^

Another goal I have set for myself is to become more active in the Dutch lolita community. I've already taken the first steps to do so. I'm organizing my first meet and I've become one of the mods of the Dutch Lolita Sales FB page. I would love to be involved in the organization of some other meets as well! It's fun to do so and it's a great opportunity to meet more people in my own comm! :)

woensdag 24 december 2014

Christmas Cute Shopday at Summer Tales Boutique

Hi Everyone!

Time for a nice Christmas themed post! I'm sure everyone is getting ready to celebrate the holidays! Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and I always find myself busy with decorating the house and buying Christmas presents. And this year, Summer Tales Boutique organized a Christmas themed shopday, which perfectly added to my holiday cheer! <3

The shopday was held last Sunday, the weekend before Christmas. I really wanted to wear something Christmas/winter themed and I pretty soon decided on my Dear Deer JSK from Macaron et Mademoiselle. It features some really pretty snow crystals in the embroidery and it was perfect for a more casual coord. I choose a pink/white color theme and paired my JSK with my pink vintage blouse.

On Sunday I was done pretty soon, so I changed and headed out to Summer Tales pretty early. When I arrived I was pretty busy greeting everyone and seeing who was there. Afterwards I took a look around the shop. During my dressing up I noticed that the JSK was pretty short in comparison to my bloomers, and they stuck out under the skirt. Katie had some nice short bloomers in stock, so I choose to buy a pair of cute mint colored ones and they fit a lot better with my dress!

I had made reservations on an exclusive headband that Katie made a few days prior to the shopday. I checked to see what it looked like and was instantly in love! It was beautiful and elegant, with a touch of luxury. I'm sure I'll feel like a princess when wearing it!

Isn't it pretty? I also bought a similar one in beige to match my AATP skirt. I'm planning a coord with that one for the near future and I didn't have a headdress to go with it. I took a picture of it at home, but the light was pretty bad, so it looks a little blurred.

At the shop, Rosalynn took some very nice picture of me! I'm really happy with them. She always makes such nice photos! :)

Here is a nice outfit shot:

Coord run down:

JSK: Macaron et Mademoiselle
Blouse: Vintage
Wig: Lockshop
Head band, bag, shoes and tights: Summer Tales Boutique
Bracelets: Off Brand and Señor Bear

Here's a nice close up of the embroidery on my dress:

See the nice crystals? :)

I participated in the workshop that was held and made an alpaca head out of clay! 
It was fun to do, although I'm not very creative and it had been years since I've played around with clay.

It looks a little misformed, haha... 

But I enjoyed myself a lot that day. It was great to see everyone again and talk about upcoming meets and such! I also discovered a beautiful fabric in Katie's stash and asked her to make me a dress out of it! It's so beautiful and I can't wait to see what she makes out of it! :)

zondag 14 december 2014

In my closet: Lockshop Mermaid wig - Beachy

2014 is the year in which I finally dared to go out in lolita outifts with wigs! I have four wigs in my closet, but my favourite is my Mermaid wig in beachy from Lockshop.

I love the natural look of this wig very much, and I think it suits the lines of my face. When I really started getting into lolita, this wig was one of the first items to go on my wishlist. I ordered it last year, and it took me a while before I dared to wear it.

I was kinda afraid people would see it was a wig, haha... I also went to have the bangs trimmed as a special wig salon. I was deadly afraid of messing up this wig, so I was very happy that the people there wanted to cut it for me.

I've worn this wig five times since buying it. I love that it's easy to style, and can be conbined with different sorts of headdresses! :)

I really want to try doing a braided style with this wig in the future. I've seen many lolitas braid their mermaid wigs, and I really want to do it too! Might want to practice it though, haha... So far my own adventures at wig styling haven't gotten very far!  

vrijdag 5 december 2014

From Ita to Lolita - My transformation

Hi Everyone!

This time I'm posting something that some of you might have already seen before. This is my entry to last August's EGL theme. I thought it would be fun to post it on here as well for safekeeping! :)

So I finally had some time to sit down for this! I loved the idea for this month's theme and I had a lot of fun looking through all my outfit pictures again! :)

This won't contain all my outfits, but some of them that I really liked.
So... Let's start at the beginning...

I started wearing lolita in 2012. The left outfit is my very first attempt. It actually was an outfit for carnaval (which seemed like a safe occasion to try it out). Because I wanted to get it right, I had done a lot of research first before buying the outfit. After that first time, I was addicted and started buying second hand clothes. Most of the items I bought were from Bodyline.

I guess the first three pictures show my 'ita'ness, as I didn't have much items at that time and had to make do with whatever I had. The 4th picture was the first outfit I was really happy about. The Heart E dress is now actually one of my favorites! ^^

Because I felt kind of uncertain about wearing a wig in public, I styled my own hair for most of my outfits. After a few months of buying cheaper items, I bought my first brand dress and that was when I started feeling more comfortable in lolita. I think that Bodyline has some really cute stuff, but I always felt that they didn't look flattering on me.

I also did some experimenting with different styles, from sweet to classic and Gothic.

2013 was a fun year for me! I went to a lot of nice meetings and had a lot of occasions to wear lolita. The first pic is actually from winter 2012, but I felt like the outfit fit well in this timeline as it shows me getting more and more comfortable with going out in public with the fashion. Once again, I experimented and tried different styles. I also did my second fashion show in 2013, which is shown in the last picture. The red JSK is my first Baby dress. It made me fall in love with Baby's prints and I've added some more to my wardrobe now!

I think 2013 was the year in which I grew a lot in this fashion. While the year before, I would just throw together whatever I owned, I now had enough items to really think of an outfit and make nice combos! I sold a lot of my Bodyline items and replaced them with brand and indie brand items. The last two pictures show a JSK and skirt made by my favorite indie brand: Summer Tales!

2014 was the year in which I finally dared to wear wigs with my outfit. While I liked styling my own hair, a wig is so much simpler. This year's first meet had a fairytale theme and I dressed up a Rapunzel. I wore my first dress again, but after this meet I felt like it was much too sweet for me. I love pink in lolita, but this dress just isn't it for me. I'm not selling this dress though. It was my first so it's gonna stay with me!

I haven't worn lolita much this year, but the times that I did get to dress up I went for elaborate! The 3rd pic is this year's favorite outfit. I bought this Meta dress on impulse but it's so beautiful! I tried to go a lot for classic/sweet this year and I think this is the style that fits me best. I also started looking for dresses that really fit this style.

This year I have also sold the rest of my bodyline clothes (except for my first outfit) and once again invested in brand and indie brand items. I have also added serveral wigs to my wardrobe, but I would love to try an outfit with natural hair again. I cutt off my hair during the winter, but now it is long enough for nice hairstyles again, so I might give it a try soon! ^^

Thank you for looking! I hope you enjoyed seeing my transformation!

dinsdag 2 december 2014

Loli Swop Shop meet

Hi Everyone!

It's time for me to write about a meet again! It's been a while since I had attended one, as I had to miss a few the last couple of months. Two weeks ago I went to the Loli Swop Shop meet. And that is exactly what it sounds like: a meet where you can trade or sell your clothes. I had selected a few items to bring with me, in the hope of selling them, and prepared a casual classic outfit with my Innocent World Gertrude skirt.

I haven't had the skirt for very long, but when it arrived, I knew it would be perfect to match with my Arabel blouse. I went for a simple outfit and came up with the following coord:

On the day of the meet I went to ride my horse first, and afterwards I hurried home to shower and change. I was in a hurry to leave, and once I was on my way I realized I had forgotten to bring the Victorian Maiden hair corsage I had planned to wear at home. So far, I haven't dared to leave the house with my wig on yet, so I always put it on in my car. I was lucky to have put a black Alice Bow in my sales bag, so I decided to slap that one on. It actually matched pretty nicely, haha...

Coord rundown:

Blouse and Skirt: Innocent World
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Tights and Alice Bow: Summer Tales Boutique
Shoes: Yosuke
Umbrella: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bracelets: off brand and Señor Bear

The meet was held in a very nice location in the city of Breda. Once I had arrived I went to put some of my items on tables and on the racks and then went to take a look at what everyone was selling. I scored a beautiful Bordeaux blouse and a pink bolero from Innocent World. I also bought a pair of beautiful wristcuffs from Summer Tales! I was super happy with my items! 

At the meet I sold a blouse and a ring, but I had to take the rest of my items home again, haha... But even so, I enjoyed myself a lot and had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people again! After the meet I stayed to help Katie pack up her items, and then we went to have dinner at the Cuban restaurant downstairs. 

Dinner was delicious, and during the conversations that we had going on, I wondered out loud if it would be fun to organize a Christmas dinner. It got a lot of enthusiastic reactions, so Anne told me she would love to help me out organizing it, since I have never organized a meet before. 

And now it's officially happening! We're gonna hold the meeting in the new year, so it will be a New Year's dinner, but it's gonna be awesome! :)

Anyway, take a look at the IW items that I bought that day:

Innocent World Ourpheus bolero

I really wanted a bolero to wear with some of my skirts. And this will match my Ophelia without Eye and Summer Tales skirt. I might even wear it with my meta skirt. The fabric is nice and soft and the lace is just gorgeous! It features roses!

Innocent World Round Collar Gathered Lace Ribbon blouse

When I saw this blouse I knew it was perfect for a coord with my Pompadour JSK. It's so gorgeous. I can take off the ribbon, and the lace is so pretty! I also love the collar. It's round, but not too big, so perfect! I'm so happy with these items! ^^

I don't have a picture of the wrist cuffs yet. I think I might have to write a new post soon, since I've also bought some other items in the mean time and want to show you those as well! :)